Our Story

Based in Evanston, Illinois, Epiphany Healthcare Advisors (Epiphany) is a network of healthcare industry leaders who provide business advisory services to healthcare organizations throughout the United States and globally. Our goal is to help your business succeed in healthcare.

Founder and CEO Stacey Empson has more than 15 years of healthcare business, legal and consulting experience, and she has served a diverse range of clients and employers, including hospitals, health systems and physicians throughout the United States, privately operated healthcare consultancies, healthcare law firms, a pediatric business alliance and a Fortune 15 technology company.

What she learned from her experiences – her epiphany – is that there is a better way to serve clients. Healthcare executives are smart. They are mission-driven. And, they are busy. Sometimes they just need an extra set of hands to help them meet their goals, and, sometimes, they need to hand off entire initiatives for a period of time. At times, they need to validate their own thinking or be able to take sage advice to their boards or leadership teams. They don’t have time to train consultants or manage complex bureaucracies, nor should they have to, and they need every person who supports them to be as smart and experienced as they are.

At Epiphany, we don’t try to be all things to all people. We support the business needs of healthcare executives. Our approach is to listen and understand each client’s unique needs and objectives, to bring the very best person or team to every engagement, and to deliver what we say we are going to deliver. If we don’t think we can bring the most value, we won’t be afraid to introduce a client to others who can.

We work with organizations we respect and believe in, and we want organizations to work with us because they respect us as experienced professionals, and like us as individuals. We promise to be easy to work with, to offer a sense of humor when needed, and to always bring high integrity and unparalleled work ethic to every engagement.

If you become an Epiphany client, our commitment is simple: we will bring efficiency, experience and excellence to every engagement. We will deliver results. We will be your trusted advisor. And, perhaps, throughout our work together you will have an epiphany or two of your own.