Contract Negotiation and Mergers & Acquisitions

Epiphany Healthcare Advisors is skilled at healthcare contract negotiation because we understand what both sides of a negotiation expect to achieve.  Our experience allows us to counsel clients on everything from what to expect to desired business outcomes and financial results to specific legal terms and consequences. We understand that organizations may, and in many cases should, retain legal counsel when negotiating large, complex contracts, but Epiphany can reduce the time, and dollars, you need to expend.  We are not legal generalists, but rather healthcare-specific experts who have been on both sides of a negotiation.  Let us help you develop your contracts, navigate the contracts you are asked to sign and negotiate the best results for your organization. 

We also have direct experience negotiating mergers and acquisitions (M&A).  If your organization needs a trusted advisor while you evaluate or undergo a merger or acquisition, Epiphany can help.  We can advise your leadership team and board about what to expect, and ask for, financially and provide competitive insight into comparable mergers/acquisitions.  We can also help you understand some of the team and culture challenges you will inevitably face and may not have considered.  Most importantly, we can help you develop and implement a sound transition plan that allows your team to meet its M&A goals and remain focused and satisfied with their new roles.